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"Live the life you’d be envious of if you saw someone else living it. This is my personal mantra. Whenever I’m going through a difficult time, like a breakup, and I’m wishing to be the person who could get over it and move on, I tell myself to be that person. Instead of waiting to be inspired by someone else and being jealous that they’re living a life I wish I had, I tell myself not to wait for that moment and to start being the person I want to be. If you wish you were the woman who went for that big promotion, learned a second language, dumped that guy who cheated on you, then just be that person. Think, if I have the energy to wish for it, I have the energy to do it."

- Olivia Munn

A survivor is born

Okay, so, I just finished Tomb Raider like 40 minutes ago. And here it is what I think about it.

It's a pretty good game, I won't deny that. I had a lot of fun playing it, and I'll come back to it to try to complete more collectibles and stuff. But it didn't exactly felt like a Tomb Raider game to me.

The story is really well made and thought, but I think that's the main problem too. The areas you encounter have a lot of hidden secrets, stuff and tombs, and they're actually fun to look through; but the story makes the game really straight forward. Like, in the old Tomb Raiders (even Legend and Anniversary), you do have a story, but you're left in a really big place, where you have to solve puzzles and collect artifacts in order to advance. There's nothing like that in here.

Well, of course you have puzzles (and some of them are really well thought), but most of them are short and they're in only a part of your route. I don't know exactly how to put it but, even though I liked the story and I thought it was well made, it didn't fit with a Tomb Raider game. Also, the characters. I liked them, to be honest, but I thought there were too many of them ("main" ones aside from Lara, at least).

One thing that I really liked it's how realistic it looked. Not only the graphics, but the wounds, how Lara got hurt constantly, etc. Even though it's a game, and of course it has a lot of fantasy factors, some details that makes it more realistic and makes the characters more human, are really interesting.

The graphics are amazing, it didn't feel like a videogame at all. It has a lot of action, too, and it's fun to play. But... I don't know, there's something that didn't clicked with me. I guess it's not exactly what I was expecting?

I did like it, though! I was just expecting something a little different, I guess. I don't know.
I am looking forward to more games; perhaps if Lara is the one who chooses her adventures, there will be less people and it will be more... silent LOL

I still have to try the multiplayer, but I heard it's awful LOL
I was thinking earlier, I used to be addicted to getting trophies in games. Something about having a game at its 100% (or close) feels really good, but I think I'm done with that. I'm tired of games updating and adding more trophies that ruin it, especially if they're multiplayer related. Some are insane! You have to play it for months non-stop to get them o__o

So, yeah :3

Don't forget

"For what it's worth: it's never too late to be whoever you want to be. There's no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it."

~ Benjamin Button

I actually didn't really enjoy that movie. But it was on TV last week, and that quote caught my attention.
Okita Souji


I've decided to friend-lock even more of my entries. I'm using this for a lot of really personal stuff lately, and I don't feel comfortable with it being public.

I'll probably change it back again soon, or do a better selection of which entries to leave public and which to friend-lock.
I do add people if you want to be friends! just leave a comment :3

I'll also change my friends-only banner soon \o/

EDIT: Okay, I left most non-really-personal entries public, but I locked quite a lot :P
Hajime Saito1

Disappoint someone or myself?

"Disappoint anyone. Hell, disappoint everyone. But don't disappoint yourself."

My mom and I were watching Chicago Fire yesterday, and that quote came up. I really really liked it, especially since it applies to me a lot. I've always done things just to not "disappoint" someone; went to parties I didn't feel like it, went to places I didn't want to go, went to movies I didn't want to see, everything to not let the other person down.

Of course, it means I care for that other person, but sometimes (or rather lately; two years maybe), I've started to do what I really want to do, and not just for another person. My mom used to tell me: "Do what you want, what you feel like, and what makes you happy." And she's right, I should do what makes me happy; if I'm going to be down in a party, let's say, what's the point in going in the first place?

Life becomes a lot better once you start hearing yourself more. Once you start being a little more selfish and thinking in yourself more.

; DIPLOSSOMIA · · icons & graphics

I've been using this journal for really personal stuff, so I thought it was the best to create another one for my icons and graphics.
I didn't want to do this at the beginning, but, yeah lol. So, from now on, all my icons, wallpapers and stuff will be posted over there. I may post some .psd and resources as well in the future. Please go there if you were here for the graphics :) thank you!


"You're not human, are you?"

Yesterday was an amazing day. When I got up in the morning, I changed and headed to the town centre/downtown. I've been wanting to go for a while, but we're having such a hot weather that I didn't want to end up all sweaty since I usually go walking. But yesterday wasn't that hot, we actually had a really pretty day :3

When I got there, I first went to the bookshop. I bought my mom a book she asked me for, and I bought another one as a present for my dad's birthday (that was today). I was meeting two girls at 12pm, so I started walking there, with the intention of asking the first videogame store I found about DmC. I entered one that was close to the meeting place, and had a little chat with the guy there while I waited for my game (they had to bring it from another close store). It felt really nice talking with someone about an especific game series, knowing that he likes it, and he knows what I'm talking about :3 there's so much prejudice and misconceptions about girl gamers, that it felt really nice to talk about it with a guy who knew \o/ He told me the game was really cool, so it got me even more excited :3

I was really happy I got DmC, since I wasn't sure I was gonna get it :3 then, because I still had time, I bought something to drink and wasted a little time around, seeing stores and such. I bought some pens and a notebook I needed, and headed to the meeting place. After like 10, 15 minutes, the first girl arrived. I sold her one of my Super Junior CDs and talked a little about fandom, facebook groups, where to buy stuff and such. She was really nice! After she left, the other girl arrived and I sold her another one of my Super Junior CDs lol She was so happy she started jumping and smiling at his friend. It got me in such a good mood :3

And then I just came back home. I was really tired, but I had such a good morning! It looks like something short, but I was out for like 3 hours \o/ the fact that I went alone also got me in a good mood. The few other times I went alone, it wasn't that relaxed. I had a great time walking around while listening to music and just feeling so... free :3

When I came back, I ate, took a shower and started playing DmC until I had to go to my japanese clases. I continued playing when I got back, played some more this morning, then headed to my dad's, and finished it when I got back! 8D

IT'S SUCH AN AMAZING GAME. LIKE, SERIOUSLY. I really really loved it! The changes in the story are really cool and makes the story really interesting. I really liked all the characters, especially Dante and Kat (okay, Vergil too \o/). Yep, even Dante. I was one of the people who weren't exactly happy when they showed Dante's new appearance, but he's still the same Dante we all know, despite his physical changes. I think I even liked him more, since he shows more of his "human" side. The graphics are amazing, the scenary, the weapons, the combos (there are so many combos you can do, it's crazy!), the gameplay, I loved everything. My only "complain" is that the final demon boss isn't exactly "epic". Like, it didn't exactly felt like it was the last boss. Still, I really liked the game, it has a lot of replay value, and the ending is like every other Devil may cry game: just the perfect close to the story, but hinting something bigger is coming.

I don't know what else to say. I loved everything about it, and I plan on playing it a lot more! :3 also, the trophies aren't really that hard, only those that require you to beat the game in the highest difficulties.
I felt entirely different about LA Noire, which I bought two weeks ago and still haven't completed it. Like, yeah, the graphics are amazing, the story is interesting, it's different from the games that are out now, but I found the gameplay to be very repetitive. I'm getting a little bored of it, to be honest. I think I just want to complete it because I spent my money on it, but, I don't know. I'll do it eventually \o/

SO, YEAH! Long entry, because I'm in a good mood and had something to talk about 8)
Write you later~~
Okita Souji

Movie week!

These past days have been pretty calm (except for a full day of constant pain from my new piercing, but it's okay now, so yay \o/). I've been wanting to re-watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy for months, and I finally did it :3 I watched one per day, and yesterday I watched the Hobbit n.n
I was a pretty big fan of the movies when they came out, especially the first one (I could never read the book, even though I bought it twice lol). So I had a lot of fun re-watching them :3 I didn't really feel the same with the Hobbit, but it was still pretty cool. I'm looking forward to the next movies, because the story promises a lot, and the characters are all so amazing!

BUT, I just finished watching the Rurouni Kenshin movie and... oh my god, it was SO AMAZING. I've been looking forward to it, and it was so so good! I'm in love with it ;a;
I've never been a fan, to be honest. I knew it from name, but I've never watched the anime nor read the manga, even as a child. But I knew a little about it, and the movie looked so cool. Especially when it was announced that it may release on theaters in several countries (still waiting for it). But it was so so amazing, oh my god. The characters, the actors, THE FIGHTING SCENES. These were so well prepared, filmed and executed that I'm speechless.

It was so amazing, I'm sure I'll rewatch it soon :3


I had an amazing and relaxed day today!
My mom and I spent the entire day watching the GazettE's DECADE and Alice Nine's Tokyo Galaxy DVDs in the comfort of my bedroom with the air conditioner on so we could escape the terrible hot weather we're having.

My mom fangirling with me is the best thing ever and it makes me so happy ;3; ♥
I love her ♥

We also talked, like we always do, and it made me happy because now I have more goals in life and we have plans I really want to complete ^o^

So, it was good C:

PS. I love it so much when Aoi and Uruha play back to back, I had to gif it ;a;

In which I get sad over things ending

So, I watched the first three seasons of Natsume Yuujinchou a few weeks ago, and I left the last one because I didn't want it to finish. So, I caught up with a few others like Psycho-Pass (and finished the ones I was following), watched the entire 103 episodes of D.Gray-man, read quite a lot of manga, and yesterday I decided it was time to finally watch Natsume Yuujinchou Shi.

I watched the first episode last night, and finished the rest today. Wow. It really became one of my favorite animes ever really quickly, but every season just got better. I didn't think this could happen, to be honest, but I found myself enjoying every episode more and more. You could say Natsume Yuujinchou is about a boy who is able to see spirits. But the story is actually A LOT more than that; it's about humans, relationships, hard times in life, acceptance, friendship, trust, being able to smile at little things, not forgetting who we are, not fighting alone when we know we need someone, and so much more I could be here all day.

Normally, I'd say something like "why didn't I watch this earlier", but not this time. I'm happy I just got into it not long ago, because it got me in a special time of my life. I actually can relate a lot with Natsume, and I think that made this anime even more special to me. I even cried at the end of the last episode ;n;

I may begin the manga someday, but it will be hard to forget about all I felt while watching the daily life of Natsume. I loved this anime so much more than I thought I would, and if there's someone out there who hasn't seen it yet, I'd totally recommend it.

I'm so sad it's over ;n;