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The GazettE in Argentina [11/09/13]

Okay, I was gonna write this tomorrow when I get home with my computer, but I can't sleep and I'm hungry since I haven't eaten anything since lunch, soooo, yeah lol

The concert was amazing. I couldn't believe I was seeing them live when they first came out. I got an amazing spot on Uruha's side, and I got a pretty good view of all the stage.

First, the boys. Uruha is incredibly beautiful. You could think it's makeup, photoshop or the "video/pv magic", but no. He is the most beautiful person I've seen in my life, really. I couldn't take my eyes off him at first, but the one who totally stole the stage was Ruki. You can't stop centering your attention on him. Now I know what people say, you're looking at him even if you don't notice it. Aoi was in a great mood, especially after a few songs where he saw how people knew the lyrics and sang along. He threw a lot of kisses at the public and danced quite a lot. Reita seemed to have a lot of fun, also. He has this like "low profile", but I centered my attention a few times on him, and he's amazing. He came to the center of the stage a few times, and I almost died at his solo in Ruder *a* he also did his dance and spinnig at the end, where he came dangerously close to Uruha lol Kai is the one I saw the least, mostly because the smoke didn't let me see well. But he has the sweetest smile ever, and he's a beast at the drums. I already knew, but watching him have a lot of fun playing was amazing *3* He didn't stop smiling and singing along :3

What I liked the most was seeing their faces when they could hear people singing along, waving their arms, head banging and calling their names. You could see their smiles and their approval look ;3; Uruha smiled when the people on his side cheered for him, Kai also smiled and sang along, Aoi totally loved it, especially when Filth in the Beauty started playing and everyone sang along.

For the encore, they played Shiver, Ruder and Linda. The crowd totally sang along and waved their arms, and the boys were really happy C: Aoi came out wearing the Argentina t-shirt, danced a lot, smiled a lot and even showed his tattoo (on his left arm/shoulder, the sun-like symbol like on his twitter background). Kai came out filming a little, and wearing a towel on his shoulders. They had such an energy, and they smiled a lot ;3;

As for fan service, Ruki and Uruha did their part in Hyena, while Aoi and Reita played wih each other quite a lot during different songs. I think it was on Linda, where Uruha was playing at the center of the stage, but Aoi wanted the spotlight, so he went there and they ended up playing together \o/

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but it was amazing, and they looked like they were having a lot of fun, which made me incredibly happy ;3; especially after hearing the crowd sing along and seeing them jump and wave their arms <3

Ruki said a few words in Spanish, and repeated "gracias" (thank you) a lot. Aoi kissed the Argentina t-shirt while wearing it, and danced like in a tango lol

So, yeah! That's all I can think off at the moment. I had such a great time, and they gave so much energy ;3; My legs hurt and I'm still getting my hearing back, but it was so worth it.

The GazettE, thank you <3

EDIT: I didn’t talk about the setlist before mainly becuse my memory is a little fuzzy and I can’t remember the order orz

But, they did change the setlist a little comparing to Mexico and Chile. They played Derangement, Vortex, Hyena, The Suicide Circus, Filth in the Beauty, Headache Man, Agony, Clever Monkey, Untitled, Dripping Insanity, Venomous Spider Web, Gabriel on the Gallows, Sludgy Cult (not in that order)... and I hope I'm not forgetting anything orz. The encore was Shiver, Ruder and Linda, in that order :3

I didn’t talk about the goods either, because once I got inside the venue, I just wanted to get a good place and I went right past them LOL I don’t know how many they were selling or the prices, either (if I get to know it later, I’ll post it!).

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