Liana (historiacrux) wrote,

Endure and survive

I had a pretty nice day on saturday. My mom and I have been going to the town centre these past weekends; we eat out, go around and sometimes buy stuff. Last saturday I had a little more money and finally bought The Last of Us! :3

I just finished it a couple of hours ago and... holy damn. This game is a masterpiece. It definitely is in my list of games everyone should play at least once in their life. It succeded in making me care about these characters, about the story, it made me feel everything they were going through, and it made me get so into it like few videogames have ever accomplished. It gave me so many feelings, I teared up in a few scenes, covered my mouth because of what was happening, and I even cried at the end. Yep.

The story per se is not really that original. The world is going through a zombie-like outbreak and a little girl is the only hope. But the situations, the characters (and their development), their relationship, everything is so perfectly portrayed. The story is also really hard, tough and brutal, but that's what makes it believable and so human.

On the technical side, it looks amazing. The graphics are so so good, the enviroments are really detailed and beautiful, the characters move so fluid, their expressions are so vivid.

The Last of Us is definitely one of the best games I've ever played in my entire life. It truly is an amazing experience; a hard and tough one, but an amazing one. I'm really glad I got to experience such an amazing story and got to know these incredible characters.
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